The PMC Burrills 

Casey and Kris moved out of the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) and up to 6,300',  just before the pandemic.  Pine Mountain Club has been the perfect change for us after residing in the SCV our entire lives.  We are so grateful for the SCV, was the perfect place to grow-up and the perfect place to raise our own children.  It is one of the premiere locations for family living.

Crisp/clean air, national forest property, tons of hiking, all 4 seasons, and a welcoming community best describes Pine Mountain Club (PMC).  We are both long time teachers employed by the William S Hart School district in the SCV.  Our district educated us and we give back by working with today's students and families.

We are true commuters with a 1 hour drive each way.  The run up and down the mountain is so worth it.  We feel like we are on vacation every time we go home.  It is tough to leave the forest in the mornings.  We carpool together and enjoying making up for lost time to raising a family, teaching, and coaching baseball.

The Morning Commute