Spring 2022

Trip 4- Orange Grove RV

Bakersfield, CA

Camp Site- Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield CA

When- May 2022

Site Rating  A-

Likes- Safe area, orange trees (you can pick the oranges and keep them), large pull thru sites, full hook-ups, good WiFi, lots of dog runs and walk areas, level sites, cool lounge, pool, RV wash area, clean everything, cable TV

Dislikes- Not much shade, train and road noise, hot in the summer, windy, pricey, store only has water and ice, store has some RV accessories and no ice cream

Memories and Thoughts- We were on COVID quarantine and were feeling a little better, so we went camping.  We learned a few things about The Falcon.  Learned how to double up on sewer hoses.  Figured out how to use cable TV in our rig.  We used our new outside carpet.  Took our Mac Mini and got it connected to the rig.

Trip 3- June Lake

Mammoth, CA

Camp Site- Oh Ridge Campground, June Lake CA

When- April 2022

Site Rating  A

Likes- Snow capped mountains, the lake, room at each space, water available, clean restrooms, fun/cute little town, great hiking locations, other lakes, friendly people and hosts, 

Dislikes- No hookups, crowded, 1st day of fishing season, not much shade, windy

Memories and Thoughts- First time out with our PMC friends.  We tested positive for COVID when we got home and missed school the next week.  Tiger Bar was delicious, and we got our first 2 location stickers for The Falcon.  2 great hikes were Reverse Peak and Swan Lake.  Campfire songs were epic and an outstanding attempt at "He Is" by Ghost.  The engine light came on, and it turned out to be a bad spark plug, which we replaced when we got home.  Visit Manzanar camp and looked up the Tsukashima family. 

Trip 2- Riverland RV Park

Fresno, CA

Camp Site- Riverland RV Resort Kingsburg, CA

When- February 2022

Site Rating  B-

Likes- Walking path, cheap, horses and cows, pool, restaurant, on the river, easy on/off the freeway, concrete slab space

Dislikes- No water in the river, no water in the pond, no store, lot's of full-timers, some rundown rigs just rotting in spaces, freeway noise, barking dogs, sand everywhere, no sewer connection and had to dump away from our site, electrical and water hookups were far apart, camp ground not secure and no gate, some hotel style building with some very small apartments, small spaces, no table, bright lights at night

Memories and Thoughts- This place must be epic when the King's river is flowing.  You can camp on the river and the boating must be amazing.  They have a fishing pond that probably is a blast in the right season.  We too a risk and left PMC between snow storms and made it home after a snow storm hit PMC.  Kris drove for the first time. Max ate some old shrimp on the ground.  Unlocked and covered the Falcon in about 1 1/2 hours.  Casey broke the shower head.

Trip 1- King's River RV Resort

Fresno, CA

Camp Site- King's River RV Resort, CA

When- February 2022

Site Rating  A-

Likes- Nice people, huge sites, lots of trees and nature, clean restrooms, clubhouse, store, quiet, were right on the river, dog park, locked and secure gate, dark at night

Dislikes- Low water in the river, sandy site and slab, some full-timers, expensive, 

Memories and Thoughts- Went there for a high school baseball weekend vs Buchanan.  This place must be epic when the King's river is flowing.  But even with little water the camp ground was gorgeous.  Everyone was super nice and friendly.  We broke our retractable steps to get into the Falcon.  Our neighbors were super nice and helpful.  I hit the camp site sign on my first back-in attempt.  We were given a bad gate code to get in after check-in hours.  Max was not allowed in the baseball complex.  Came in later when we were in extra innings.  Stopped for Yogurt.  First sleeps were a success.  We liked the mattress and king size bed.  Max slept well.