Summer 2022

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The Great Summer Trip of 2022

Philadelphia, here we come!

Some stops along the way-

Quick Updates and Pictures

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Problems/Annoyances (Consult YouTube, laugh, move forward, and have fun)- Check engine light, bedroom slide out issues, staying cool when boondocking, gas prices, horrible road conditions on I-40, going 65 when everyone else is going 80, bathroom sink detaching, long drives (can't stop and take in some sights), miss seeing PMC bears, some hot/humid days, cab is loud when driving (we yell at each other to talk), missing WR Baseball, windshield bug destroyer, a window curtain/shade detached from ceiling above dinette, more coming...

Loving/Nice Surprises (What we have enjoyed and are proud of so far)- We have fixed "some" motorhome issues, we have been resilient, everyone is extremely nice and friendly, beautiful camping locations, Max is traveling well, we love our comfy king-size bed, our meals in the rig are fantastic, checking off bucket list items, seeing a lot of green vegetation, rivers, lakes, we have had over the air TV to watch at each stop, continued with some Breaking Bad Episodes when WiFi available, having our own shower & bathroom, counting the days until we have our family of 4 together again, we have a huge window to look out while driving, more coming...

Day 1- Kingman, AZ

Rt 66 & Deer Farm

We stayed at HipCamp SW Eden Ranch which is hosted by Dominic.  His property is vast, with amazing views of the mountains and unique rock formations in Kingman Arizona.  Property was quiet and safe.  Found this camp site though HipCamp.  Would stay there again.  It is boondocking, but practically free to stay.

Always a historic vibe when on the 66.  Seligman was the perfect Route 66 stop on the way out of Kingman.

Soooo, you can just walk into a pasture and feed the deer??  Yep, and we loved it.  Location is called Deer Farm and is located in Williams, Arizona.

Day 2- Albuquerque, NM

Isotopes Game & RT 66 Casino RV Park

We stayed at a very nice campground with all the hook-ups.  $60 and had an awesome, pool, dog park, and putting green.  No shade or greenery.  Total desert landscape.

Had a chance to see West Ranch Baseball Alum Jake Bird at the Colorado Rockies AAA team called the Albuquerque Isotopes.  He did not pitch, but a few days later was called up to the major leagues and is pitching very well against the big boys.  Just wow!

Kris and I have been watching Breaking Bad.  We visited a couple filming sites.  Acting like tourists!

Day 3- Oklahoma City, OK

Rt 66 & College Softball World Series

$45 for a campsite on Route 66 named Territory Route 66 RV Park.  Very nice location with very friendly people.  Full hook-ups and a nice little storm shelter underground in case a tornado were to visit!

Holy cow, we went to the Women's College Softball World Series.  14k+ in attendance and an electric atmosphere.  Hometown Oklahoma put a beat down on Texas that night.  But the experience was priceless.

Day 4- Little Rock, AK

HipCamp Titan Ranch Missile Silo & Thunderstorms

Long drive to Little Rock, Arkansas from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Parked our rig on an old Titan II Missile Launch site.  Name of the place was Titan Ranch, and we found it for $20 on HipCamp.  Talked for a long time with GT and his wife, who have their house on the missile base.  They have completely renovated the living quarters underground and now allow people to stay in the silo via Airbnb.  Maybe we will do the below ground thing next time.  We dry camped, and a thunderstorm rolled in, making for an awesome environment.  Cows and beautiful farms as far as your eyes could see.

Day 5- Nashville, TN

Graceland & Elm Hill RV Resort on the J Percy Priest Lake

Followed a thunderstorm across Arkansas in the morning and arrived in Memphis to visit Graceland.  A bucket list stop for sure.  Everyone needs to make a trip to Graceland.

Elm Hill RV resort broke the budget at $140 for the night.  But as usual, you get what you pay for.  They had all the fun things to do, and it was a spotless park.  The main draw was that we parked on a huge lake in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.  If you can afford it, this is the park to stay at!  Need to reserve way in advance to have a chance of getting a spot.

Day 6- Knoxville, TN

Family Friends Marci and Donavan.  Great time and wonderful food.

Newly Built RV Park

Day 7- Etlan, VA

Cooter's Place and HipCamp Blue Quartz Winery

Day 8- Philadelphia, PA

The Family is Reunited!

Day 9- Philadelphia, PA

Drexel University & Yards

Day 10- Philadelphia, PA

Phillies Game & Dinner With Lindsay and Chelsea

Day 11- Philadelphia, PA

Historic Philadelphia

Day 12- Philadelphia, PA

Museum of Art & Top Gun Maverick

Day 13- Philadelphia, PA

Wandering Philadelphia

Day 14- Canton, OH

Hershey, PA & Penn State University

Day 15- Grand Rapids, MI

University of Michigan, Michigan Sate, and Family!

Day 16- Grand Rapids, MI

Hiking and Family Day!

Day 17- St. Ignace, MI

Mackinac Bridge and Family

Day 18- Menominee, MI

Oswald's Bear Sanctuary and HipCamp on the Menominee River

Day 20- Omaha, NE

Lambeau Field & Field of Dreams

Day 21- Omaha, NE

College Baseball World Series

Day 21- Wind River, WY

Long Drive!

Day 22- Kuna, ID

Grand Tetons, Idaho Falls Minor League Field, and "Bagger" Bildner

Day 23- Woodland, WA

Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and HipCamp Lewis River

Day 24- Eugene, OR

Kayla, University of Oregon, and Texas Roadhouse

Day 25- Eugene, OR

University of Oregon Athletics and Voodoo Donuts

Day 26- Paradise, CA

Drive into Cali, McCloud Middle Falls, and Stay at Bobbie Estes Home

Day 27- Pine Mountain Club, CA

We made it home after traveling 7,854 Total Miles and visiting 21 states!  Otis the bear came to visit us later in the evening.