Spring 2023

Pismo Beach

April 2023

Trip 1- Pismo Creek RV Resort

Pismo Beach, CA

Camp Site- Pismo Creek RV Resort, Pismo Beach CA

When- April 2023

Site Rating- B-

Likes- Location is close to beach and downtown Pismo.  Very nice people at the RV Park.  Ice Cream Social was amazing!  Camped and explored the area with PMC friends John and Stephanie.

Dislikes- Very small and tight sites.  Dog friendly people, but not the RV Park infrastructure.  Weird, tiny, and hard to find 8'x7' "Dog Runs".  

Memories and Thoughts- Pismo beach and downtown area is amazing.  Big fan of the vibe, food, and culture.  RV Park is not a destination campground, but a 10min walk takes you to an awesome beach and a delightful small coastal town.  Central Coast California is wonderful!